Ninh Binh Heaven In Nothern Vietnam


Since Ninh Binh is not frequently featured in itineraries to travel through Vietnam, I feel I need to explain why this was my absolute favorite destination in the country.

Ninh Binh province is located in northern Vietnam, about 100km south of Hanoi. With its hundreds of limestone cliffs emerging from the ground scattered across the rice fields, this region is appropriately nicknamed the “Halong Bay in land”.

Apart from this stunning scenery, Ninh Binh is a great opportunity to peek into the rural way of living. It’s all very laid-back and serene, just how the Vietnam experience should be.



48.3649 km2 (18.6738 sq mi)




How To Get To Ninh Binh?

Go by train:

  • From Hanoi: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE1 at 19:30, SE3 at 22:00, SE5 at 09:00, SE7 at 06:00, SE19 at 20:10, TN1 at 14:35...other train on holiday. Find Train Hanoi to Ninh Binh
  • From Dong Hoi: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 19:52, SE6 at 09:21, SE8 at 04:55, SE20 at 00:55...other train on holiday. Find Train Dong Hoi to Ninh Binh
  • From Hue: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 16:47, SE6 at 05:41, SE8 at 01:36, SE20 at 21:30...other train on holiday. Find Train Hue to Ninh Binh
  • From Da Nang: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 14:13, SE6 at 03:04, SE8 at 22:59, SE20 at 18:55...other train on holiday. Find Train Da Nang to Ninh Binh
  • From Nha Trang: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 05:00, SE6 at 16:29, SE8 at 13:27...other train on holiday. Find Train Nha Trang to Ninh Binh
  • From Binh Thuan: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 01:15, SE6 at 12:36, SE8 at 09:33...other train on holiday. Find Train Binh Thuan to Ninh Binh
  • From Ho Chi Minh: You can find train to Ninh Binh SE4 at 22:00, SE6 at 09:00, SE8 at 06:00...other train on holiday. Find Train Ho Chi Minh to Ninh Binh